assign grades or serve as substitute instructors in the absence of the instructor of record.

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TA's earn $15.00/hr 和 typically work 3-5 hours per week. However, they can work up to 20 hours/week 总之,所有的工作中结合在大学 当类是在会议,40个小时/周 总共 during breaks. They may not assist faculty in any professional or personal work not directly related to instruction or research at the GSD.

Teaching Assistants (TA) may be responsible for the following:

  • 保留教室 和设置 设备
  • 同时出席
  • 复印
  • 提供一流的课程支持
  • 参加讨论部分
  • 安排独立审查会议
  • 是通过电子邮件提供
  • 管理的 帆布*
  • 收集任务**
  • 扫描 发帖读数
  • 创建和GSD管理网络上的文件夹,当然
  • 与接口 图书馆 和 CRG

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