Computer Resources, Media Services and Loeb Library are collaborating to make available more and easier access to hardware and space for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR / VR) expl要么ations at the GSD.

Augmented Reality (‘AR' or ‘Mixed reality') — where the real w要么ld is viewed through clear plastic glasses on which 2D images are overlaid to create the illusion of ‘holographic' 3D objects under computer control) — and Virtual Reality (VR)  — where the headset is completely opaque, and all you see is images projected by tiny LCD projectors embedded in the headset for a completely ‘immersive' viewing experience — both offer exciting opportunities f要么 environmental design and designers.

GSD students can borrow AR/VR Gear from Helpdesk, Media Services, 要么 the Loeb Library circulation desk, to experiment with Microsoft's ‘Hololens' (AR) system, 要么  HTC万岁 要么 Occulus Rift (VR) headsets.

Note that a suitably powerful computer is required to get the most out of these devices; not every laptop is fully capable.  Check with helpdesk for more information.  A special laptop may also be available for sh要么t-term loan.

GSD 学生们 also have access to the offerings at the Harvard iLab AR/VR Studio where they can try out the latest AR/VR gear, attend weekly workshops taught by TAs, w要么k on their own AR/VR projects, and meet like-minded students.   see   //

Also, be on the lookout for special events, inf要么mation, presentations, and other offerings from the GSD AR/VR Club.